miercuri, 16 noiembrie 2011


geeky paradise. 99p store. lack of good cheese. overdose of chocolate milk. tons of books. two broken bags. pretty umbrella. annoying adds on youtube. the smell in the law section. too much italian coffee. indian food. romanian pickles. cheap speakers. trololo. lack of sleep. free before 9. 2 4 1 drinks. sweet chilli sauce addiction. extremely nice neighbours. creepy attic. day savers. too many coins. getting lost. charity shops. inbox full. missed calls. ugly beach. pretty channel. eating bday cake on the street. jack skiellington. laughter without reason. lack of cuba libre. bad wine. shandy. seaching for one clean glass ( never finding it). pretty painted mirror. skull goblet. primark. finally online banking. skype. group messages on fb used as chatting rooms(celebrated 1000 - we should be studied). mom using ym (sweetest). free minutes. pretty living room collage. on switch! fire alarms. O. muddy paw prints. signalongs. stupid smile.


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