luni, 21 noiembrie 2011

spilled coffee

I love how people focus on wars against crime, wars against drugs, wars against poverty etc . Why don't you focus on promoting peace, healthy living styles and social welfare programs? I do agree that you have to understand the key issue at hand primarily but most of the time it just stops there and it's a continuous vicious cycle that just puts the accent only on that specific thing not its solving.
Saying 'Romania is a shitty country', as most Romanians do, doesn't change it. Actually, it's you that's being shitty by saying that. Next time don't judge the lady at the counter 'cause she took far too long. Maybe you would've done it in twice that time.

I'm not promoting a new text version of kumbaya. I'm just saying this: remember that shitty world that you hate so much? Eh, you're part of it too.

It's so easy to stay on the bars and judge. People like to consider themselves innocent bystanders in this cruel, cruel world. Some people actually suffer in this world but are more prone in finding a solution to that suffering then the people that aren't. You take your rights for granted while for example in Indonesia women are beaten/+ raped to death by their own husbands 'cause they feel like it.
Be grateful for what you have, be aware of the problems in the world/your country and be active in finding and promoting solutions.